maquilleuse,neuchatel,services,suisse,romande,As I have my own blog now, I can share with you a bit about the models who are taking part in my works. The sun is shining today and we had this wonderful eclipse outside, which I consider one more miracle of mother nature and space. This is why today I wanted to share with you the story of Victoriya. A beautiful model, who comes from Ukraine, Poltava. She was participating in one day workshop in our studio and gave us and our students a lot of inspiration!

She has strength in her character as many Ukrainian ladies has deep charm and knows and does her job in a professional way! I had a lot of pleasure working with her!

Don’t forget that 80% of success of your works depend on your model’s choice! So choose her or him carefully. Look in the person’s eyes and think whether this person can inspire you? This question is very important 🙂

Wish you a nice Friday!


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